CRYPTHOR is a project that unites years of experience of our engineers and security analysts and provides modular based software solutions that cover the most sophisticated modern requirements and standards in the field of cyber security, information security, data protection and cyber defense.

CRYPTHOR is a project that aims to provide to the audience a new type of post-quantum cryptography system that eliminates most of the common weaknesses that occur in basic and more complex cryptographic systems designed for securing small to large enterprises, structures, organizations and their data arrays and information flows.

CRYPTHOR was started back in early 2009 as part of the large R&D project Black Screen which focus was design and development of new type people centric software that corresponds with the needs of the modern business person, IT professional and the enterprise of the new century. Through the work on the Black Screen project the team behind CRYPTHOR managed to develop a number of sophisticated software solutions that managed to prove themselves as an easy-to-use software tools for the everyday work.

What is behind CRYPTHOR:

More than 20+ years of proven experience in the IT industry and deep knowledge of the main principles that lay down in the foundations of modern cyber world and its processes.

Deep knowledge that covers the areas of AI, ML, Math and their fundamentals. Moreover, we focus also on the deep understanding of the mathematical apparatus that stays behind the contemporary cyberthreats and cyberattacks. State-of-the art cryptographic algorithms and mechanisms along with innovative security management approaches. CRYPTHOR provides you with inimitable strong encryption system that reduces security risk with up to 75%.