BS Mail – the first strong security open channel communication email client:

BS Mail is a specialized non-standalone software module part of CRYPTHOR often distributed as an integral part of File Protect System – FPS. (Note: In some specific cases like enterprise clients and largescale integration this module can be obtained as a standalone application). BS Mail is designed to allow its users to securely exchange messages and documents. This feature is allowed by the core of BS Mail that combines post quantum encryption approaches with standard open communication channels (complete utilization of the mass used email protocols) along with the ability for securing email accounts at public email providers and the connected mailboxes. BS Mail is a solution that allows its users to create secure correspondence lists and groups, while utilizing the standard email communication protocols like POP3, IMAP, SMTP. With BS Mail the possibility for interception or execution of a “man-in-the middle” attack is reduced to minimum. BS Mail has internal sub-modules that allow the user to execute secure communication over TCP/IP and some other communication protocols. We call this function SEMessenger.

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