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 File protect system is a modern software solution that allows the complete transformation of every personal computer to a scalable and powerful cryptographic system. File protect system is part of the CRYPTHOR software system designed for all-round personal and enterprise cybersecurity, information security and cyber defense.

File protect system is a main module in the CRYPTHOR cybersecurity system. FPS is a modern software solution oriented towards the everyday business needs of the modern IT person. File Protect System is designed in a manner to allow every single computer that runs under Windows OS, to become powerful and scalable post-quantum cryptographic system, that utilize some well-known traditional encryption algorithms and hash-functions along with modern ones.

Significant feature of File Protect System is the capability to protect information and data on both local level and external device. Something more, FPS allows you to secure information and data stored in the cloud. All these features are available thanks to the utilized solutions in the core of FPS that allow the end user to secure with strong encryption means his devices and data carriers.

File Protect System – FPS is a software solution that allow the end user to take control over his personal cybersecurity, by managing the associated information risks through complete management of the security of his information and data through the rich functionality of the control center of FPS that allows continuous control and monitoring of the security processes and precise management of the protection of the user’s data and information.

Utilized crypto primitives and cryptographic algorithms are NIST – compliant and are covered by the NIST Cryptographic Module Validation Program – CMVP.

The semi-professional, professional and enterprise versions of FPS give the user the ability to choose by himself the cryptographic algorithms that will be utilized for protecting his information and data. This feature allows the risk to be mitigated from the side of the security provider to the end user, by allowing the end user to manage more efficiently the information risk on his side.

File Protect System combines some well-known features, such as “password encryption” with modern approaches such as the encryption through use of digital objects. The combination between proven and contemporary methods and approaches provides the end user with the ability to create his own cryptosystem, through the ability to use a user-defined file for generation of cryptographic keys.

Distinguishing feature of FPS is the option to secure information and data both on a local computer and on external media (flash drive, portable HDD, etc.), as well as in the cloud, without the user having to worry about the security of his information and data.

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