CRYPTHOR in a nutshell:

CRYPTHOR is a modular solution that is composed of a number of independent software modules that allow high degree of customization and provision of a solution that can be tailored on-the-go.  We’ve accepted this approach because we understand very well how important is for the modern business to be able to plan and manage more flexible his IT resources. Security is an aspect that is dynamic by its nature, that is why CRYPTHOR allow you to design and develop strong cybersecurity system by utilizing functionality that meets your current and future business needs.

CRYPTHOR is formed of the following modules:

  • File Protect System – FPS;
  • File Package Manager – FPM;
  • File Destruction Manager – FDM;
  • Strong encryption database encryption system – DES;
  • Secured cloud explorer – SCE
  • Secured file shredders – SFS;
  • Secured email client – BS Mail;

Along with these modules are provided various modules for security management, process control, securing information and data transfer, e-signing and identity check, etc.

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