CRYPTHOR is consisted of a number of non-standalone additional sub-modules, designed to enhance your security and to protect more efficiently your business and data.

These non-standalone sub-modules are:

Protected Data Cases and Protected Data Safes:

The protected data cases (PDC) and the protected data safes (PDS) are non-standalone software modules that are integral part of the File Protect System software application that is a fundamental part of the CRYPTHOR cybersecurity and data protection system.

These two modules look very similar at first glance, but in depth they are very different from each other and provide the end user with a rich set of security features. The utilization of the protected data cases and/or protected data safes will allow you to take advantage of exceptional levels of security for your sensitive to critical information and data.

The protected data cases allow the user to create highly secured virtual cases that can be stored on the user’s personal or work device, removable media, etc. The data cases utilize the provided encryption algorithms and hash functions by contemporary approaches that allow the end user to allocate specific encryption algorithm and hash function for a single data case or for a specific file inside the data case. This feature provides better ability for security risk management along with reduction of the external risks for the protected information and data.

The protected data safe is similar to the protected data case, but it is more oriented towards the working station or device of the user. The working principle is similar to the one seen in the data cases but the distinguishing feature is the usage of strong post quantum encryption algorithms and approaches, along with some ML and AI features and modification of the protected information and data that in case the protected safe is compromised makes the stored files and data useless and eliminated any possibility for reverse engineering. The protected data cases and protected data safes are an ideal instrument for physical and non-physical transfer of various by their type and size information and data sets.

File Integrity Monitor (FIM):

File integrity monitor is a non-standalone software module that is commonly part of FDS or FPS software modules. FIM is designed to allow continuous monitoring over the information and data protected by CRYPTHOR. File Integrity Monitor, utilizes techniques and approaches that allow immediate action against unsanctioned access to specific end-points, nodes and storages of your company/organization IT infrastructure.